Corporate Profile


From 1991

NDK Financial Services is the first and most experienced company in the Finance House category of the Non-Banking Financial Services industry in Ghana.

NDK began operations in 1991, prior to the enactment of the Financial Institutions (Non-Banking Law) of 1993 – PNDC 328. The company has played a leading role in spearheading discussions and providing invaluable input for many of the laws and regulations that govern the non-bank industry. NDK continues to assist the Bank of Ghana in improving the Non-Banking law and the regulations under which all Non-Bank Institutions operate.

The early years

Operations began in a small office in the Kingsway building, Accra and NDK’s first clients were primarily traders and business men importing goods for sale, and individuals who needed loans and would not be able to meet the stringent requirements of Banks. The business grew and over the course of a few years, the company became known as the alternative to banks. In 1997, NDK Financial Services had grown in reputation and clients that it relocated into its own building in Osu where brisk business continued. By this time, it had also developed a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy place to invest and save monies. Today the investment arm of NDK is still regarded as a leader in the industry, providing safe, professional services whilst guaranteeing clients excellent returns on their monies.

Positioning for the changing environment

In 2007 major changes in internal structures and processes were initiated to ensure that the Company was poised to meet the changing needs of its customers. NDK increased its investment in Human Capital and upgraded its IT systems in order to improve the quality of service offered to its clients.

The changes were marked on the outside by a redesigning of a new corporate visual identity. A strong, simple yet approachable logo of Green and Silver, which speaks to the personality of the company. The Silver in our logo represents a commitment to offer sterling service to our stakeholders and the green represents our desire to be creative, resourceful and solution providers to our clients.

NDK also renewed its commitment to its brand promise, its corporate values and its priority to understand its customers in order to serve them better.

NDK Today

We have grown from a staff of 2 to the current size of 90 with 2 branches; a head office location and a branch in Tema. We mark our growth by the number of loan and investment clients we serve and by the number of lives and families we impact.

Our focus therefore continues to be to remain a finance house with strong relationships with clients for sustainable impactful mutual growth. We believe it is this deliberateness in strategy that has ensured that we have weathered the many economic and environmental changes in the market.

Silver Jubilee Celebration

In the competitive challenging and ever changing economic landscape of today, financial assistance in the form of loans, investment options and advice is a necessity for business growth and prosperity. NDK is able to meet the varying needs of our customers and is interested in collaborating with our clients to provide them with tailor-made financing solutions.

Internally, we refer to ourselves and our clients as being part of the NDK family and we strive to maintain a warm welcoming environment that espouses knowledge sharing, individualized and personalized service, as well as a fundamental desire to partner with companies to ensure their growth. No wonder we have clients who have been with us for over 20 years!

At NDK, we are proud to celebrate with our clients and stakeholders twenty- five years of our Service offerings, the many Stories and experiences we have garnered over the years and the Successes of our clients in their lives.

Vision and Mission


To be a globally recognized financial services provider in Ghana.


To provide tailored lending and investment solutions to our customers with the view to creating stakeholder satisfaction.


We are characterized by our values which reflect our core ideologies and drive the decisions we make. They are:


Because without it, we will not be in business – We are open, honest and responsible for following through on our commitments. Our dealings are therefore exemplified by truthfulness and the highest consideration for compliance.


Because it is only through modernization and adaptation that we have come this far-We are guided by the conviction that the fast changing business environment means that our clients have greater expectations of our ability to innovate. Hence, we nurture creative thinking that enables us to explore service and product offerings through new eyes, and in a manner that creates value for our clients and guarantees client satisfaction.

Customer Centric

Because anticipating your needs and understanding your business is key to us providing you with solutions – We encourage continuous understanding of your business and development of our skills and expertise to ensure that we are consistently at the cutting edge of current knowledge and thinking to better serve you.


Because we possess the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job efficiently and effectively.


Because we pursue common goals – We strive to be open and honest in our communication while supporting each other to reach our fullest potential.

The NDK Touch

Sterling Service, because you deserve it!

Far from a theory, the NDK Touch is real experience lived by the thousands of our clients daily. The NDK Touch is dictated by our culture and value of blatant obsession with excellent customer service.

The NDK Touch starts from the moment a client walks into our doors and throughout our transactions.