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Bridge Financing

Whiles waiting for the disbursement of an approved loan or financing package from a traditional bank, NDK can provide your business with short-term loans. Bridge financing can be established to complete orders, complete and continue with projects, or to take advantage of opportunities that require cash immediately.

Import & Export Financing

NDK provides loans to finance the payment of customs duties, and other clearing charges associated with transporting goods into or outside of Ghana.

NDK also provides Pre-Shipment Finance to cater for funds required for the purchase of raw materials, components and parts to fulfill international sales orders.

Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting makes funds available against works executed and invoiced, prior to the customer being paid or to enable the customer to meet project deadlines. This saves our customers money by avoiding the operational costs that accrue from delays.

Where a contractor presents NDK with a completed and certified certificate from a recognized contract awarding institution, a loan can be advanced against the certificate to ensure that, the customer completes the contract on time.

Project Financing

We provide funds to complete a variety of projects or get such projects to income generating stages. Estate builders, Developers, Investors etc, can obtain funds to ‘top-up’ their contributions in order to complete their projects. Clients are required to clearly demonstrate the source of repayment, and if it is the project itself then the projects should be self-liquidating and should generate enough future proceeds to pay off the loan in no more than two years.

Asset Financing

Businesses may need funds to purchase machinery and equipment for the execution of contracts. NDK provides loans for the acquisition of such assets to help grow your business.


NDK provides financing for the payment of all charges and costs associated with clearing and storing of goods in a warehouse. We also provide access to credible clearing agents who will assist in the clearing and storing of goods in Customs bonded warehouses

Employee & Personal Loans

NDK provides loans for up to 12 months to salaried workers who are employed by credible institutions. Generally, applicants will have to present letters from their employers guaranteeing monthly deductions from the employee’s salary; and also should the employee default on the loan, their entitlements will be pledged to NDK.

Other Financial Services

NDK also provides several other financial services such as Letters of Credit, Performance Guarantees, Bid Security and Advance Payment Guarantees

Letter of Credit

NDK can establish a Letter of Credit to guarantee that a seller will receive payment in full from its customer as long as certain delivery conditions have been met. In the event that the buyer is unable to make payment on the purchase, NDK will cover the outstanding amount.

A letter of credit guarantees payment of a specified sum in a contract, provided the customer meets precisely-defined conditions and submits the prescribed documents within a fixed timeframe. These documents almost always include a clean bill of lading or air waybill, commercial invoice, and certificate of origin.

Performance Guarantee

NDK can issue a surety on behalf of a contractor to the contract-awarding institution, guaranteeing that the contractor will perform all of his obligations under the contract.
A performance guarantee is a promise made that either a service lives up to certain expectations, or that a product will continue to perform well over a specific time frame.

Bid Security

NDK can issue a Bid Security on behalf of a customer (also a bidder) which assures and guarantees that should the bidder be successful, he will execute the contract and provide the required surety bonds.

Bid security is a form of risk insurance used in the construction industry. By submitting a bid bond along with a construction bid, a contractor is providing a legal guarantee that he will sign a contract if it is awarded to him. If a bonded contractor does not sign the contract when offered, he may face both financial and civil penalties.

Advance Payment Guarantee

NDK can issue an Advance Payment Guarantee which makes it possible for a customer to recover any advance payments extended to a contractor in the event that the contractor fails to abide by the terms and conditions that govern the purchase of goods or services.

This guarantee may be used in a number of situations, including deals where goods are imported or exported. It is also used with domestic transactions, such as the purchase of heavy equipment and construction projects.

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