Investment Products

NDK Financial Services Limited has for close to three decades been at the cutting edge of crafting investment solutions broadly designed to meet the investment needs of our clientele. In response to the changing needs of our clients and the desire by investors to invest in products that meet their peculiar needs, NDK has come up with new targeted investment products. This is largely based on our strong belief that no two investors have the same ability and need, hence the desire to support them achieve their unique investment goals. Our brand new range of products is the outcome of our understanding of the industry as pioneers, and backed by solid research.

NDK Fixed Deposit


This product is designed to assist individuals and corporate entities save and make good returns on their funds. It has the following features…

NDK Business Grower

Close-up Of A Businesswoman Making Stack Of Coins

This is a high yield product designed to help entrepreneurs or SME’s build funds to support their operations…

NDK Happy Retirement Plan

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This product is designed to meet the needs of pensioners who seek good returns on their retirement lump sum and access to regular liquidity while on retirement. The features of the product are as follows….

NDK Education Plan


This product is designed to assist parents to pay fees and meet other educational needs of wards…..

NDK Dream Investment


This is a high yield product designed to help individuals make dream acquisitions such as land, down payment for a house, a car or a major asset…

NDK Diaspora Investment Account

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This is targeted at foreign resident Ghanaian nationals who want to build wealth, support dependents or fund commitments in Ghana. The features of the product are as follows….