General Questions

What is the mandate of NDK?

To provide tailored lending and investment solutions to our customers in line with Bank of Ghana rules and regulations

How long has NDK been in operation?

NDK officially started operations in 1991.

Which body regulates the activities of NDK?

NDK is regulated by the Bank of Ghana (BoG) as a finance house.

Is NDK affiliated to other companies?

NDK Financial Services Limited is not affiliated to any company. It however has NDK Capital and Igiyazi Properties as sister companies but operate differently and independently with separate board of directors and different regulations.

Who are your partner banks?

There are four partner banks; Access Bank, Cal Bank, UMB Bank & Standard Chartered.

Investment Questions

Why should I invest my money with NDK?

NDK is a pioneer in the investment business with 28 years’ experience.  We have a clientele base of over 5,000 which includes pensioners, students, business owners, etc. We offer investment products that ensure safe and guaranteed high returns.

What investment packages does NDK have?

NDK has six investment packages all tailored to meet the individual and corporate needs of client. They are: NDK Fixed Deposit, NDK Education Plan, NDK Dream Investment, NDK Happy Retirement Plan, NDK Business Grower and NDK Diaspora Investment Account. Find out more about our investment packages: NDK Investment Page

What is the minimum amount needed to start an investment?

The minimum amount needed is dependent on the preferred product. The NDK Fixed deposit has the lowest initial investment amount of Ghc5,000.00

What are your investment rates for fixed deposits?

It is treasury bill rate plus 4-8% p.a. depending on the tenor and amount.

Are the rates negotiable?

Yes they are. Speak to any of our executives on toll free 0800 123 123 for assistance.

Are your forms available online?

Yes. You can download them from this link: Online Investment Forms Page

What are the requirements for opening an investment account/group account/joint account?

The requirements differ for the various types of investment accounts available.
Call our toll free line 0800 123 123 for assistance.

Can a client open an investment account on behalf of someone either in Ghana or abroad?

Yes. Kindly speak to an executive for assistance by calling our toll free line  0800 123 123

Can a client make deposits in foreign currencies?

No. However you can change into the local currency as we do not invest in foreign currency.

Can a client make deposits / top ups without coming to the branch?

Yes. You can do so with any of our four partner banks i.e. StanChart, UMB, Access Bank and Cal Bank.

Can one give a standing order on his/her investment?

Yes. You can do so by giving instruction to your relationship officer.

How do I request for a statement?

You can do so by sending us an email on info@ndkfinancialservices.com, calling the call centre on 0302 218 444 or speaking to your relationship officer.

How do I make withdrawal?

You can do so by putting in a request via email to info@ndkfinancialservices.com or walk in to fill a form.

Are there any fees associated with withdrawal?

No there are no fees associated with withdrawal.

Can one withdraw their interest before maturity?

Yes. Withdrawals before maturity is highly  discouraged and may attract minimal penalty.

Are there penalty charges for withdrawing before maturity?

Yes and these charges depend on the amount and tenor of your investment

Can one disinvest before maturity?

Yes. However, we discourage clients from doing so.

What are the procedures involved in accessing a deceased relative (father, mother, sibling and others) investment account?

An L. A (Letters of Administration) of Probate or Will is to be submitted to us. We have to confirm to the appropriate administrators.

Credit Questions

Can I use my investment as collateral for a loan?

Yes. Once you meet all the requirements you qualify for a loan. Please speak to an executive on toll free 0800 123 123.

What type of loans do you offer?

We offer different types of loans. Kindly read more about our loans on:  NDK Loans Page

What are the interest rates on your loans?

The rates are between 3.5%-5%.

Are your loan forms available online?

Yes they are. access our loan forms at: NDK Loans Page

What are the requirements for securing loans?

This depends on the amount being requested. Kindly speak to an executive on our toll free 0800 123 123 for assistance.

What do you accept as collateral for loans?

We accept a wide range of assets as collateral. These include cash collaterals (investments), landed properties and movables assets (cars and vehicles).

All assets submitted will be required to pass our internal assessment on salability.
Kindly speak to an executive on our toll free line 0800 123 123

What is the tenure for your loans (long term or short term)?

We often offer short term loans which run from 6 to 9 months.

Does NDK fund both public and private projects?

Yes. NDK funds projects from both the private and public sector.