3 June 2016
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NDK staff representing their rich culture copy

As part of its year-long 25th Anniversary Celebrations, NDK Financial Services Limited held an all Ghanaian Traditional Attire  day last week to mark the celebration of this year’s African Union (AU) Day.

With its entire working staff clad in a traditional attire, management and staff gathered together to share stories about their various attires and about their histories.

Celebrated playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte was present to share words of motivation with the gathering, entreating them to move beyond the culture of only thinking about themselves and wear the lens of a patriot.

He also told staff that the world runs on values and not money, calling on them to serve well, working together to ensure that at the end of the day, it is the team that wins.

Managing Director of NDK, Mr. Oko Nikoi-Dzani thanked his workers for buying into his vision and in their own small ways, helping to make the company, Ghana and the entire continent a better place.