28 November 2018
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    IMG_7478-1The issue of prostate and breast cancers have attracted global headlines for all the wrong reasons. The scourge of these diseases have snuffed life out of otherwise productive members of society such that it has become a matter of global concern.
    Worrying Statistics
    The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organisation (WHO) report shows that world cancer burden has gone up from 14.1 million cases in 2012 to 18.1 million in 2018.
    In Ghana breast cancer has overtaken cervix uteri cancer (cervical cancer) from being second to being the leading cause of cancer deaths.
    The country recorded 4,645 breast cancer cases from January to September this year alone as surveyed by GLOBOCAN a Cancer surveillance database managed by IARC. According to this survey, out of this number, about 1800 women stand the risk of losing their lives. A Specialist in breast cancer management, Dr Wiafe Addai, describes the situation as alarming.
    Equally worrying is the incidence of prostate cancer. Although prostate cancer places fourth after cervical and liver cancers, the disease is fast gaining the notoriety of mercilessly dealing with men across social, economic and geographical strata, leaving in its wake despair and hopelessness for thousands of dependants. New recorded cases of prostate cancer in Ghana stands at 2,132.
    The Sticking Point
    There appears to be unanimity among cancer experts regarding the major barriers to addressing the issue. The GLOBOCAN research concludes that limited access to timely diagnosis and treatment are largely responsible for its increase. According to Dr Wiafe Addai, intensified education is needed to halt the worrying trend.
    The Head of Breast Unit at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr. Florence Dedey, has indicated that late diagnosis, screening, and inadequate facilities are significant factors in the high number of deaths recorded from the disease.

    The NDK Foundation Intervention
    At the heart of the problem in dealing with the incidence of breast and prostate cancers are the twin challenges of limited education and access to diagnosis.
    It is for this reason that the NDK Foundation, in collaboration with Total House Clinic organised a breast and prostate cancer awareness screening for its staff and members of the public in Accra and Tema, where the company operates. These activities were organised in September and October 2018 as it joined the world to mark this year’s prostate and breast cancer months.
    The NDK Foundation is the Corporate Social Responsibility wing of NDK Financial Services and has since its establishment in 2016 spearheaded significant interventions in the areas of health, education and sports in line with its focus areas as a socially sensitive organisation. The foundation had in previous years limited the exercise to breast cancer. It has however realised that prostate cancer was fast becoming a silent killer and therefore needed a lot more support.
    The Prostate Cancer testing and Breast Cancer screening was for male who are over 40 years and female who are 18 years and above, mostly clients and staff. The joint screening exercises were organized from 19th September to 17th October, 2018, on five consecutive Wednesdays.
    The success story
    The 2018 exercise was extremely successful in many respects. The Deputy Managing Director of NDK Financial Services Limited, Kuorkor Ayisa explained that as a business, they are not only interested in giving loans and making investments for their clients but also interested in contributing to the total health and well-being of their staff.

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    “NDK is inspired by the results of last two year’s fruitful partnership which enabled us to screen 500 women in Accra and Tema,” she noted.
    A medical doctor at Total House Clinic, Dr Julia Derban, commended NDK for initiating the activity. She recommended self-examination for early detection, adding that men should play a role in helping to examine the breast of their spouses for possible lumps or cancers.
    This is heartwarming and suggests that given the right information and facilities, people will avail themselves for screening. A number of the beneficiaries expressed gratitude to the NDK Foundation for their thoughtfulness and urged them to continue in the coming years.

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    NDK Volunteers were present to support with the education and leaflet distribution

    Nineteen staff members were selected as volunteers to assist in various ways to ensure a seamless flow and make guests feel welcome the NDK way.
    Apart from the volunteers, staff were also present to help create awareness and assist patrons go through the process.

    NDK Cyber Security_-173

    A supportive NDK Team busily attending to the information needs of patrons

    Bursting the Myth
    Most people with breast and cervical cancers have little or no knowledge about the disease due to lack of awareness creation about the disease. This is compounded by various myths where among others the disease is attributed to superstition, resulting in people seeking healing and assistance from prayer camps, herbalists or resort to self-medication, rather than reporting early to a health facility. Perception is also rife that sucking a woman’s breast prevents cancer. Dr Wiafe Addai says this is untrue, insisting early report and detection are the way to go.It is expected that interventions by organisations such as the NDK Foundation and Total Clinic will go a long way to help find a lasting and sustained solution to this national catastrophe in waiting.The clarion call is for the private sector to support efforts by governments and donor agencies to nib this incidence in the bud.

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    The NDK Pink and blue team cannot help but smile to the success of a worthy and priceless cause

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    19 April 2018
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    On 12th April 2018, NDK had a great seminar on Cyber-crime at Alisa Hotel for our customers. The seminar was informative as it presented practical issues to assist participants address existing and potential cyber-crime attacks that undermine business activities in Ghana.

    NDK Cyber Security_-173 NDK Cyber Security_-164










    The seminar, which featured representatives from e-Crime Bureau, shed light on the potential risks and attacks that companies and individuals face online.

    At the seminar, the Deputy Managing Director, Mrs. Kuorkor Ayisa, called for collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders within the financial sector to be constantly ahead of such attacks.

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    13 March 2018
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    Our attention has been drawn to various statements by GLICO General Insurance Limited (“GLICO”) accusing NDK Financial Services Limited (“NDK”) of unlawfully and mischievously attaching some of its properties.

    NDK’s actions on the said Thursday, 8th March 2018 were pursuant to the orders of the Court. NDK took legal action against GLICO. This case was tried and heard on its merit and final judgment was delivered in favour of NDK. NDK went into execution against GLICO to enforce the judgment.

    Consequently, the attachment of the properties of GLICO was neither mischievous nor unlawful.



    Corporate Affairs and Research Department

    Toll Free: 0800 123 123                 Email: info@ndkfinancialservices.com

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    23 December 2017
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    Christmas came early for NDK Financial Services Limited! The leading and premier non-banking financial institution held its third Carols Night for its stakeholders, which was engaging and thrilling.


    The event, which is held yearly to usher stakeholders into the festive season, was slated for Thursday 30th November, 2017 at the Forecourt of NDK’s Head Office, Omanye Aba building – Osu, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The night featured carol performances from Young Chorale choir, a saxophonist session from The Maxine Institute of Music and a carol performance by staff of NDK Financial Services Limited.

    Through our carols night, we were able to spread Christmas cheer to our cherished stakeholders and create a relaxing evening for all.  Merry Christmas Everyone!


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    20 December 2016
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    NDK Financial Services organized a dinner and awards ceremony for some of its most cherished clients at the Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel in Accra on the 26th of November, 2016.


    The event which was to commemorate the year-long anniversary celebration of NDK’s Silver Jubilee was graced by industrious men and women across all sectors of the economy.

    The Deputy Managing Director of the firm (NDK) said she was particularly excited about the fact that, when invitations were sent round to clients and associates, they accepted without any hesitation.

    She also mentioned that this being NDK’s maiden dinner party since 1991, the company looked forward to brighter prospects to engage clients more in similar events. “This is our first dinner party and as such, we are calling on all and sundry to make merry and enjoy the night away. Celebrated musician, Aka Blay, is here to thrill us to some good music” she said.

    NDK Financial Services has engaged itself in a number of activities this year (2016), some of which are the 25th Anniversary lecture and CSR foundation launch, the SME Seminar, Pink October and a host of other programs.

    The Managing Director of NDK Financial Services said, this year has been a special year for the company and as such, the grand celebration is in the right stead to make the year a memorable one. “NDK has come a long way; what started as a mere dream, has become a reality and I believe, we being present here, reflects the glory God has showered on NDK and us all” he said.

    A number of clients were given awards to mark their commitment to the growth of NDK and also to indicate how beneficial the relationship between the clients and company has been.

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  • NDK Receives Trophy from Its Hockey Teams

    27 October 2016
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    ndk-hockey-team-34The winners of the BEIGE Capital Knock-Out (KO) hockey competitions, the NDK Financiers Seniors’ and Junior Hockey clubs last Thursday presented their respective trophies to the management of their owners, NDK Financial Services at their offices in Accra.

    The Senior Team lifted the glittering trophy last Saturday at the Theodosiah Okoh Hockey Stadium after completing a clean sweep in three consecutive matches. The NDK sponsored side breezed past Multitix 3-0, before thrashing Veterans 5-0, while they defeated Citizens International 1-0 in the final game.

    Their Junior Team also made a comfortable run to their title, defeating Tema Youth and Tema Manhean 2-0 respectively to lift their trophy.

    At the presentation ceremony, Derrick Tamakloe, the Treasurer of the NDK Financiers Hockey Club, expressed gratitude to the management of the company for their support and pledged that the club would perform even better next year.

    The Deputy Managing Director of NDK Financial Services, Mrs. Kuorkor Ayisa, congratulated the two teams for their stellar displays and achievements during the competition.

    She added that NDK is committed to the development of hockey and is working towards establishing a female club for their hockey team.

    According to her NDK, since the 1990s, has been supporting national hockey teams and the youth in the sport.

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    14 October 2016
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    ndk-38Trust Hospital, in partnership with NDK Financial Services, is organising a free breast cancer screening for women. The screening is part of a breast cancer awareness campaign programme dubbed ‘The Pink October’.

    As part of the campaign, the hospital in partnership with NDK is also embarking on a month-long education on causes, risk factors, diagnosis, management and prevention and early detection measures against breast cancer.

    Activities lined up include educational talk on October 12 with market women at Osu and a free breast cancer screening.

    On October 17, the team will move to Dansoman for a free screening and counselling and on October 19, staff of NDK  and the people of Osu would also benefit from the screening.

    On October 26, the team will move to Tema.

    Dr Darius Osei, General Manager, Medical Trust Hospital, said about 5,000 women are expected to be screened by the hospital at the end of the programme.

    He said the focus of the hospital has always been preventive care, which they intend to pursue, stating, “We owe it a duty to our staff and clients to create the needed awareness in the communities they operate in.”


    Dr Osei commended the management of NDK Financial Services for their partnership to create awareness on the dangers of breast cancer among women.


    Kuorkor Ayisa, Deputy Managing Director, NDK Financial Services, said the partnership would put more emphasis on women health.

    She said according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), despite the number of successes chalked by women over the past few decades, women still face many health challenges, and it is their duty to address some of them. The deputy director said breast cancer is one of the two most common cancers affecting women and early detection is key to keeping women alive and healthy. “It is for this reason that the management of NDK did not hesitate to bear the full cost when the Trust Hospital approached them,” she said.


    Mrs Ayisa said the support forms part of NDK Foundation’s corporate social responsibility.


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    11 October 2016
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    NDK has challenged Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to invest in personnel with the right skills set for their operations.

    According to the Deputy Managing Director, Mrs. Kuorkor Ayisa, this is key for enterprises that want to expand and generate more profit.

    She explained that challenges hampering the growth of SMEs go beyond poor record keeping.

    “Apart from poor record keeping, there is also a challenge with staff as there is a skills gap. Sometimes the people they expect to have or think they have are not necessarily competent,” she said.

    “So what you need in terms of skill is not available. Sometimes it’s the willingness to pay. SMEs must be willing to pay for the expertise but it’s important to pay for the expertise and professionalism so the business can grow” she explained.

    She was addressing participants at a seminar organized by NDK for SME’s – as part of activities to mark the company’s silver jubilee celebrations.

    The seminar was held at the company’s head office at Omanye Aba building at Osu in Accra. It was on the topic “Positioning your Business for Investments and Succession”

    Facilitator for the event, D.N.O Sackey, Managing Consultant of Ephesus Consulting also emphasized the need for SME operators to separate company’s finances from their personal expenditure.

    “A very fundamental weakness among SMEs is that, in many cases, the owners are not able to separate their persons from their business. Therefore, you find out that in many cases the business assets or resources are being applied to personal use,” he said.

    “It is important for SME operators to understand that once you establish a business it becomes a separate entity and therefore you pay yourself from the business and let the business run on its own steam – that way accountability becomes obvious” he noted.


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  • Internal Launch of 25th Anniversary

    9 June 2016
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    NDK Financial Services has held an internal launch marking its 25th Anniversary as a leader in the non-banking financial institution.

    This ceremony comes second to a public launch it held in April that brought together stakeholders and customers under the same roof to look back on the great story of the company even as it forecasts into the future.

    Board Chairman for NDK Financial Services, Mr. Richard Akpokavie whose birthday coincided with the short ceremony had a simple message for the members of staff: work diligently, serve customers with respect, joy and love and ensure the highest professional standard that will propel this company to higher heights by the time we are 50.

    He also expressed his excitement at the immense contributions of the board members, management and all supporting staff members at driving the company to such a glorious stage in its existence.

    Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Oko Nikoi-Dzani addressing the gathering recounted some highlights of the company in the last 25 years, particularly making reference to how it had evolved from the one room office space at Kingsway in Accra Central to its current office complex, Omanye Aba.

    He was grateful to God, customers of NDK whom  he considers as partners, and past and present employees for the instrumental effort they had made towards the company’s successes over the period.

    He was optimistic that the next phase of the company would be more glorious than where it is now and called on all to put their shoulders to the wheel to make the dream a reality.

    A documentary cataloguing the journey of the company over the last 25 years was shown to the gathering.


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  • NDK Pays a Working Visit to The Multimedia Group

    9 June 2016
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    On the 3rd of June 2016, management of NDK Financial Services led by the CEO, Mr. Oko Nikoi Dzani paid a working visit to the Multimedia Group Ltd.

    The purpose of the visit which is part of activities marking the celebration of 25 years of Sterling Services and Success Stories was to familiarize themselves with the operations and staff of the Multimedia Group Ltd.

    This is the second visit of its kind as management, visited Starr Fm last month for same purposes.

    Mr. Oko-Nikoi Dzani emphasized the importance of establishing a relationship with the Multimedia Group as a leader in the media fraternity and also to acknowledge their contribution to the progress of his firm in the past while looking forward to more of such in the days ahead.

    Addressing issues pertaining to the financial industry in an interview with JOY BUSINESS after the visit, Mr Oko Nikoi Dzani indicated that the issue of non-performing loans, which is gradually eating deep into operations of commercial banks and other financial institutions, still persists due to delays and poor documentation.

    According to him, “Financial institutions receive imperfect and incomplete documents which are submitted to us as if they are genuine documents, customers come for loans with these as security and when there is default the company goes through a hullabaloo trying to foreclose and then you hit a wall because of poor documentation”.

    He, however, added that the pre-trial session by the commercial court and extra vigilance on the part of his firm has mitigated the impact of this on their operations.


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